Nicola Jayne






My career spans over 20 years!


I have had the pleasure of meeting some amazing and  beautiful people from all over the world and from all walks of life.

With experience I have learned no matter where we are from or what the background maybe,we all experience, love and suffering, we all feel the emotionality that comes with love and loss. We all carry the same worries and questions in life.

 I am happy to have been able to help and give good psychic advice and direction for the future.


*Psychic Divination


*Therapeutic Psychic Counselling

*Energy Healing & Reiki 

*Spiritual and Psychic Development courses

*Tarot Tuition

*Book Publication

*Prediction Magazine

*Events and Private Parties

*Stage presence  

*Ghost Walks

*Online Readings

*One to One Consultations