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Fate and Destiny Reading - Via email.

Fate and Destiny Reading - Via email.


* - Facinating. Worth every penny! - Charlie


Fate and Destiny Psychic Email Reading.


Take a look at the future...


This reading requires your *Date of Birth.

I use the numbers in your d.o.b to form a Personal and UniqueTarot Reading.

This reading is based on 3 Questions.  

Your D.O.B helps to form your reading to aid in answering your questions. This reading is to highlight your Fate and Destiny, And to look at your potential and future possibilities.


All you have to do is - *When purchasing, add a note in the indicated *field. Please include. Your name, d.o.b and Ask 3 Questions.


The Fate and Destiny Psychic Reading will be sent to you via email, within 48hrs of purchase. 





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