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Psychic Tarot Live Chat Reading - 1 Hour

Psychic Tarot Live Chat Reading - 1 Hour

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I have many clients who return to me for a Psychic Reading. Psychic Tarot Readings using Video Call are a brilliant way to reach those who live far across the miles or who cannot travel. All you need to do is. Contact me to agree on an appointment time that suits you. Paymnet can be made via Paypal or Bank Transfer. Whatsapp is preferred for the Video Call where possible,

The Psychic Tarot Reading is personal to you, and will offer guidance and insight into your life, and any questions you have asked.

A private consultation via Video chat is a great way to connect and recieve an accurate psychic reading that is predictive as well as guiding. 

The Reading is expected to last 1hour priced at £40. 


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