The 5 points of power and wisdom. (A guide to intuitive living) by Nicola Jayne

Product descriptionThe 5 Points of Power and Wisdom is a two-part course in Spiritual and Psychic Development. Part 1 explores philosophy and spiritual development and also repairing the path, removing blocks to the true self and creating the way to intuitive living. The emphasis is on perception, to help the reader heal any faults in thinking and overcome any negativity from past actions or hurt. This helps the reader move forward into a loving, positive and productive future. Part 2 Looks at Psychic Development. It is here that I provide the steps for intuitive learning and a spring board for psychic exploration, looking at topics like Psychic Protection, Chakras and Spirit Guides. The Practical exercises included are on Automatic writing, Flower readings, Crystalomany, Pyromancy

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